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  • Asher Roth - RetroHash

    Asher Roth - RetroHash

    Album Reviewsposted 12 hours ago

    Less of a happy medium and more of a hard reset, "RetroHash" is the beginning of what may shape up to be the rebirth of Asher Roth's career.

  • The UN - UN or U Out

    The UN - UN or U Out

    Album Reviewsposted 1 day ago

    "UN Or U Out" is a legitimate sleeper and the reissue is more than a token. The production is the logical allure, and the rapping a surprising gem.

  • Future - Honest

    Future - Honest

    Album Reviewsposted 2 days ago

    Bouts of lazy writing and some dated material hurt "Honest," but Future has improved incrementally as a soloist with a slightly updated formula.

  • Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

    Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

    Album Reviewsposted 3 days ago

    Iggy Azalea's "The New Classic" offers inoffensive and turnt-up party jams but ultimately falls flat lacking depth or much variety in subject matter.

  • Tali Blanco - Gettn 2 It

    Tali Blanco - Gettn 2 It

    Album Reviewsposted 4 days ago

    Tali Blanco's "Gettn 2 It" is a collection of melodic, endearing Rap that by and large doesn't take itself too seriously--making for a solid debut.

  • SZA - Z

    SZA - Z

    Album Reviewsposted 8 days ago

    While sometimes falling victim to Pop platitudes, SZA's TDE debut is a strong, nostalgic trance about heartbreak and self-questioning.

  • Pharoahe Monch - P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    Pharoahe Monch - P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    Album Reviewsposted 9 days ago

    Another blistering addition to Pharoahe Monch's discography, "P.T.S.D." helps make the case that Pharoahe now possesses one of Hip Hop's strongest catalogues.

  • Nas - Illmatic XX

    Nas - Illmatic XX

    Album Reviewsposted 10 days ago

    Aside from an obvious inclusion of classic source material, "Illmatic XX" brings little innovation to a project that still holds up on its own after 20 years.

  • King Los - Zero Gravity 2 (Mixtape)

    King Los - Zero Gravity 2 (Mixtape)

    Album Reviewsposted 11 days ago

    King Los maintains his high-octane flows, but an inability to consistently craft songs and choose quality production hinders "Zero Gravity 2."

  • GoldLink - The God Complex

    GoldLink - The God Complex

    Album Reviewsposted 14 days ago

    With "The God Complex," GoldLink explores fame and the perishable nature of the human flesh and pushes the boundaries of his brand of R&B-infused, Electro Rap.

  • Castle - Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages)

    Castle - Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages)

    Album Reviewsposted 15 days ago

    Castle is full of weird personality. If "The Return" fails to gain traction, it's a consolation that the rapper's not fitting in for all the right reasons.

  • Chuck Inglish - Convertibles

    Chuck Inglish - Convertibles

    Album Reviewsposted 16 days ago

    While it suffers from a lack of cohesion at times, Chuck Inglish's "Convertibles" stands as a compelling, genre-altering offering just in time for summer.

  • Mobb Deep - The Infamous Mobb Deep

    Mobb Deep - The Infamous Mobb Deep

    Album Reviewsposted 17 days ago

    With hard lyricism and simple, yet contagious production, "The Infamous Mobb Deep" is a successful continuation of "The Infamous" almost 20 years later.

  • Nocando - Jimmy The Burnout

    Nocando - Jimmy The Burnout

    Album Reviewsposted 18 days ago

    The randomness of Nocando's off-kilter flow and eclectic production make "Jimmy The Burnout" rewarding for those willing to take the time to delve into it.

  • Grieves - Winter & The Wolves

    Grieves - Winter & The Wolves

    Album Reviewsposted 22 days ago

    With a revamped production formula, Grieves is still making catchy, accessible music, but "Winter & The Wolves" rarely pushes any buttons lyrically.

  • Sage The Gemini - Remember Me

    Sage The Gemini - Remember Me

    Album Reviewsposted 23 days ago

    Sage The Gemini's lack of diversity hold "Remember Me" back, but it's still largely likeable as festive, West Coast party-oriented Hip Hop.