“Through the Wire” The Reason Kanye


It’s the song that made him a hit, but it may also be the song that lands him in court. Kanye West’s breakout debut single “Through the Wire” has become the topic of conversation for the other driver in the accident. Miguel Villasana, the other victim in the near fatal car accident feels he is the primary victim in this situation.

After the car accident Villasana said he was left with a totaled car, broken pelvis, two broken legs, broken knees and a shattered ankle that required more than ten screws to fix. Villasana says because of the accident he has been unable to provide for his family.

“I got cut off and I had a head-on collision and I looked in the rear view and I could see my mouth separated", Kanye told Celebrity Justice last year. Paul Fegen, Villasana’s lawyer believes West’s recollection of that night events weren’t correct.

According to Celebrity Justice the police report said West wasn’t drinking but fell asleep behind the wheel of the car. Two months later he allegedly changed his story and said the accident happen because Villasana cut him off. The lawsuit filed against West is for the payment of Villasana’s hospital bills.” It’s hard; while you're suffering, other people are happy. That's life," Villasana told CJ. "It's been hard for me and my family. I just feel sad for all the things around me. But I'm going to be ok."

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